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Managing Partner

Nitzan Mokady is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Zanzibar Capital. In 2015, with guidance from experienced commercial real estate investors, Nitzan Mokady developed strategies for successful investments, mitigating risk while creating competitive returns. 


Nitzan Mokady's background in Mechanical Engineering and Economics drives development and project management strategies at Zanzibar Capital. Implementing these strategies with Eric Doroski, Zanzibar quickly grew from single-family rentals to larger-scale multifamily developments and acquisitions. Additionally, Nitzan Mokady structured Zanzibar's investment management platform for a high-tech, frictionless Limited Partner experience.

Nitzan Mokady has a passion for cars and world travel, spending the majority of his free time traveling around Europe, Asia, and North America. He also enjoys home design, and engineers customized solutions for interior space optimization. Additionally, he is closely involved with Israeli American Council, where he liaises between Israeli and American businesses.


Managing Partner

Eric Doroski is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Zanzibar Capital. He manages all aspects of the acquisition, fundraising, financing, development, and operations with Nitzan Mokady. Doroski’s real estate experience began as a student at Northeastern University, when he and Mokady purchased a small duplex.


After renovating and stabilizing a few smaller projects, he led the framework for sourcing and scaling mid-market multifamily and condominium projects in the Greater Boston area. Using his academic background in Mathematics and Economics, Doroski built proprietary models to assist in forecasting risk as well as computationally intensive value-add metrics.

Doroski has personally received a Certificate of United States Congressional Recognition, has assisted city lawmakers with campaigning and legislation, and is closely involved with a number of local nonprofit and industry organizations.

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